Europe will pray to Mecca

Islam will conquer Europe not by sending soldiers and terrorists, and not by sending missionaries, but by sending immigrants.

Any violent attempt would be extremely expensive, and it could heavily reduce the value of conquered territory. On the other hand, a strategy that sharply increases the percentage of the Muslim population in European countries is much cheaper, and also more certain. More efficient than just chanelling Muslim refugees to Europe will be to increase the percentage of immigrants that are born with European passports.

I am a Muslim, not by birth but by conversion. I converted not because sudden revelation struck me, but because Islam is a sensible alternative to foolish European culture.

I am also a modern person, and I do not grow a beard.

But I can contribute to the Islamisation of Europe more effectively than a soldier, simply by having many children in Muslim marital relationships. Because all my children have an automatic right to German citizenship, and after reaching full age, can vote in any election.

The European concept of unions or marriages between men and women as a result of romantic emotions is misguided. It also puts women at a great disadvantage. Romantic emotions will not last, and if men are guided primarily by romantic emotions, women will be discarded. Likewise, men at advancing age become less and less capable to harvest romantic, sexually motivated emotions.

It's all the wrong system. It's unnatural, and bound to fail.

Marriages in Islam, and marriages in various cultures that have adopted Islam, are sexual unions that partners agree to for a variety of reasons other than romantic, or sexual, attraction. Economic considerations play a major role, and so they should. Marriages also are political, on the community level, and national level, and this is fully acceptable. Marriages establish bonds between families, even if two families had previously been involved in conflicts.

The Western idea of marriages is wrong. Marriages do not function by a young man and a young woman falling in love, and then loving each other for their whole lives. Such ideas are illusionist, foolish, and no sound basis for a future.

The traditional concept (yes, it once persisted in Europe, too), is much more natural. Marriages, whether they are government-registered or established by agreement between two parties, are unions to establish a future.

And this future does not just involve the man and the woman who are the primary players in this scenario.

The most basic form in which humans are organized are families. And not just families of a man, a woman, and their young children. The natural basic organization is an extended family, or even a clan. And this clan has assets, among which are those tangible like land that belongs to them, and assets that are futures, like the intellectual capabilities and economic capacities of the young generation. Young females in a clan are also an asset. Young females are an asset primarily for their value as sexual partners.

Young females can marry rich, and thus provide a range of economic opportunities to relatives. Young females of countries of origin like poor Arab countries, or Afghanistan, or Somalia, can also marry into European societies, and have children with fathers of European nationality, and thus extend European nationality to their children and a large number of relatives.

And here is where things private become political.

The European individualistic model of human society is a failure, and bound for extinction, for a very simple reason: demography is destiny. In a society in which women experience offspring primarily as a burden (which they are), and cannot see any personal benefits in having them, the number of people adhering to the said culture will drop and drop and drop.

From a majority culture, it will become a minority culture, and finally one that lands in the dustbin of history, simply because all adherents die out.

Here we have a course of history, and also an opportunity to accelerate it, by facilitating the infiltration by Islamic clan societies into marode, but immensely rich European societies.

I am open to be part of this epochal change. I can be part of it by marital unions with females from clan-based Islamic societies, with whom I can have many children indeed, all of whom have an automatic right to German citizenship. Upbringing should nevertheless not be in Europe but in Muslim countries, to make sure that social values to be adapted are not individualistic.

Yes, I am open to arrangements which should start as contacts between me and a clan family interested to gain a foothold in Europe.

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